Investment Analysis & Portfolio Planning


Investing in Uncertain Times

In today's uncertain economic environment, you may be concerned about your financial future and meeting  your retirement and other financial goals. That's where we can help. Our experience, discipline and vast selection of available investments can help you plan and invest for the future with confidence and peace of mind.

Our Investment Philosophy

We believe that the key to helping you manage your money through bull and bear markets, more consistently, comfortably and successfully, is having as disciplined investment process to manage risk and minimize losses. Our main responsibility and concern is to help each client understand what types of risk each product and investment may carry.  To manage risk accordingly based on the time horizon and risk profile of the client for each portfolio.  If there is a good relationship between expectations and results, we believe this will be a win-win for the client(s) and our firm.

Our Investment Management Process

Step 1: Discuss your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon for each investment goal.

Step 2: Determine which combination of our available resources would be most appropriate and effective for your investment needs and objectives. We offer mutual fund, ETF (exchange traded funds) and combination portfolio strategies. As well as ability to invest in individual equities, annuities of all types, and alternative investments such as REITS.

Step 3: Choose quality, well-known, investment management companies and investments products professionals with long-term track records, to build your portfolio(s). 

Step 4: Select appropriate securities for each portfolio using quantitative and qualitative screening processes and analysis.

Step 5: Monitor and evaluate your portfolio and each strategy's performance as well as your progress toward meeting your financial goals and make changes as needed.

Step 6: Provide you with online access to your account(s), periodic performance reports, market commentaries, and telephone and face to face portfolio reviews.


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